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04/04/02: R.I.P. H.R.H.
Pope Culture?

So how about that Queen Mother kicking the bucket, eh? The original line of Spuddy's in the opening frame was "Isn't that Kevin Smith over there?", but then I turned on my TV at 2pm on Sunday, when there was suddenly a news flash (yes, just like in the cartoons when they turn on their TV and suddenly there is a conveniently scheduled news flash!) that the Queen Mum had died at the grand old age of 101. 101 Dalmations was on TV that night. Make of that what you will. (TV imitates Art?)

This entire cartoon was inspired by the pun "Pope Fiction" which came to me one recent night when I woke up momentarily. Fortunately, there were two John Travolta movies on when I was drawing it, so I was able to copy his likeness without have to surf the 'net. The movies in question were Grease and Saturday Night Fever, hence the "young Travolta"-look in the comic.
And as for his line "Y'still got it, y'know? You still go it", I was stuck for a John Travolta quote and I decided that the next sentence that came from him on TV (Saturday Night Fever) I would plagiarise for my cartoon. That was the next thing he said... eventually.

Today's Quote:
"The potential for mischief increases inversely with proximity to the authority figure."
- Martin Prince, The Simpsons
Hey, I memorised that quote yesterday!
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