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14/12/02: All in a daze work!


Hey hey, it's GOTH WEEK here at GCW, so the GCW-A-Thon will have a distinctively Gothic flavour! So don your trenchcoats, apply your makeup, and start brooding!

This is what I drew today at the monthly "meeting" (ie, sit around drawing comics, eating Animal Biscuits, and listening to Darren come up with some powerful puns) of Funtime Comics. When I was drawing this particular cartoon, a certain critic commented: "looks like somebody here is still going through puberty!" Urg. The things I put up with in oder to provide cheap (FREE) entertainment for my audience (you). So yeah. I'm your martyr, I suffer for your sins. Or something to the effect of making you feel like you owe me big time, which in reality you don't. Tune in tomorrow for an episode that I drew at the FC meeting one month ago!

Today's Quote:
"Do restaurants have financial advisors?
No, because there is just no accounting for taste."
- Darren Schroeder, Editor of Funtime Comics... or should that be "PUN"-Time Comics?

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