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Wednesday, Week Twelve: 21/03/01
Well, kids, I hope you're happy; as soon as I heard that Mir was going to return to Earth tomorrow, I sat down and churned out this cartoon in a mere (excuse the pun) 45 minutes - that's including the self-critical "hum-haw" time.
An explanation: "Salyut" is the name of another, older Russian space station, and can translate into either "Salute", "Hi there!", or "Fireworks". I reckon all four of these references are appropriate in a Mir-ish context.

UPDATUM! - 24 July, 2002
I recently discovered this article about the demise of Mir which attempts to offer scientific comfort to those who were afraid of being hit by re-entering debris. However, geography is scarier than science, especially if your country happens to lie in the ocean somewhere between Australia and South America... (ie New Zealand)
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