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Wednesday, Week Five: 31/01/01

_____ a day helps you work, rest AND play...
Note in the 4th frame, Leon snickers. I'm sorry, but I didn't notice this punnish subliminal advertisement until it was too late. Suffer.

Note: So I spelled "Soylent" incorrectly, did I? Well tough. After consulting various sources and finding four different spellings, I chose the budgettest-looking one. Suffer.

Possible slogans for "UranusTM Bars":

"When I'm dancing and I get hungry, I eat Uranus!"
"Uranus a day helps you work, rest & play."
"Enjoy Uranus COLD!"
"Uranus really satisfies"

But the overall winner is:

"Uranus... A-hole lot of fun!" [WARNING: Contains peanuts]

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