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23/01/02: Nightmare on Leon Street II!


As coincidence would have it, today signifies one whole year since the GCW cartoon Nightmare on Leon Street was posted up for all to enjoy. And, how spoooOOOoooky it is that Leon is back into nightmarish activities again, one year on from when he first heard that spine-chilling line, "Your legs." Poor Leon; he just can't seem to keep away from Zombies and Hades and Parallel Universes of Pure Evil and so forth.

Oh and I'm sorry to insult your intelligence here, but please note if you haven't already that the title of this GCW is ambiguous - is the apostrophe of "Leon's" one of possession, or of contraction? It could be both! (Well, I thought it was clever... But then again, I think that "my cat's breath smells like cat food" is clever, too.)

Today's Quote:
"I still see dead people." - Cole/Joel from The Sixth Sense II: "The Seventh Sense"

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