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22/07/02: GCW IS BACK FROM THE DEAD (again)!

Here's a little something that I made last year but never got a chance to post on this website, because I got all caught up in GCW's storyline. Click on the title to enter the crazy HamsterDance parody...

Actually, for those of you who want to see more of Commander Keen's adventures in The Chasm of Strife, I have just had an offer from a fan who wants to do a Guest Comic to keep the action going! Stay tuned.

Today's Quote:
"Dippy-doh-doo-doo-dee-do-do, de-do-dot-diddy-doh, dipymdip-dpiddopdodedpod-idspispopd-diddly-dohmmymmymmhehehehahaha!" (Or something to that effect)
- Ham[p]

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