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04/01/04: Happy Birthday, Goodbye Cruel World!

Tricksy little lemmingses!

A bit of mindless, copyright infringing fun to kick off GCW's fourth year, The Year Where We've Already Done So Many Comics That We Have To Resort To Plunging To An eXtra Level Of Stupidity In Order To Continue Our Tradition Of Wackiness Without Getting Too Repetitive. Or, if that's too much of a mouthful, "TYWWADSMCTWHTRTPTAXLOSIOTCOTOWWGTR" for short.

This episode is also a little bit avant garde, for a GCW comic, in that it features the uncensored word "bastard" and graphically depicts Gollum's bare buttocks. Oh, the revolutionary-ness of it all! I can feel the very ground beneath my feet breaking from this groundbreaking feat of ... Hmmm, I need to sleep.

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