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24/11/01: The Thanksgiving Day Special! 

Reality TV?
Punimated Gifman!Jonathan Frakes?

Okay, so America's Thanksgiving Day was over 24 hours ago, but still, gotta have an excuse for a special! The other alternative is The "38th Anniversary of the Murder of Lee Harvey Oswald" Special, which kind of lacks the charm of "The Thanksgiving Day Special". So, what do I have to be thankful about? Well, I'm thankful that my country isn't actively at war with terrorism... for now.

So, what you you think of today's reincorporation of A Day In The Life Of The Guy Who Invents Reality TV Shows? And Pun-Man's family? Huh? What possible plot-line could this new development bring about? Well don't ask me - I just made it up now! But you can bet your last milk token that it will give rise to all manner of madness and probably have an important role in the grander scheme of things at some stage.

Thanks to Jason Lennie for co-inventing Pun-Man's family through an epic e-mail story involving Betman and Gamblin, Dumbo Jones, Al Cubed, the Organ Grinder, Vaultman, the Psychotic Mexican Penguin Overlord, the Genie of Hell, the Grim Reaper, some Japanese "Marine Biologists" and an old abandoned theme-park... plus other crazy stuff - all of which we're going to make into a comic in the future.


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