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03/02/03: Dodginess Reigns

Kids, don't let your parents read this one!

Hey, it's the internet. What were you expecting? Happy wholesome fun-time non-dodgy sensible squeaky-clean humour for the whole family? Not in cyberspace! Oh and in case you're wondering, NO, I am not aware of any sex toys named "Godzildo", "Papa Smurf", or "Dildissimo", I just made them up; NO, I have never worked at a dildo design company; and NO, you may not employ me at your dildo design company, you sick pervert. (Unless you pay me well.)

Today's cartoon is dedicated to the late crew of the space shuttle Columbia, which burned up on re-entry to the Earth's atmosphere one week after I drew this cartoon (with the NASA guy getting killed by an apostrophe alien chest-burster). Great timing!

If you feel sad for the space shuttle Columbia tragedy, CLICK HERE NOW!!!

Today's Quote:
"Houston... We have a problem"
- Anyone who thinks (s)he's funny

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