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Monday, Week Fifteen: 09/04/01
William Hanna is DEAD! )-:
Like, it's a g-g-g-ghost!
Yabba-dabba-DON'T Classic Corridors
Jane! Stop this crazy thing!
Can you spot the references to eleven different Hanna-Barbera cartoons?

Okay, here're the answers:
Frame 1
1: Secret Squirrel
2: Two Stupid Dogs
3: The Smurfs
4: The Snorks
Frame 2
5: Scooby-Doo
Frame 3
6: The Flintstones [Note the same background being recycled. This is unofficially called "The Flintstone Effect" and can either be interpreted as representing running in circles, or just a damn long house.]
7: Pixie & Dixie
8: Yogi Bear
Frame 5
9: Stop The Pigeon (= Dick Dastardly et al.) [Also note the ghost's laughter - it is the same as Gargamel's.]
Frame 6 [ Note: The "Drat..." quote is from Dick Dastardly, who has starred in "Stop The Pigeon", among others.]
Frame 7
10: Huckleberry Hound
Frame 8
11: The Jetsons

How many did you spot? Did you spot any others? Did you recognise Dino?

I was about to pen this cartoon without knowing what Bill Hanna even looked like - I couldn't find any pictures of him on the internet, so I figured I might as well depict him in the image of a combination of George Jetson and Yogi Bear, when a fortuitous coincidence occurred: I had recorded "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" off Cartoon Network for a friend of mine who loves every part that show (except for Ma-Ti with the power of Heart, he sucks), although I didn't watch it myself - it's just too moralistic for the likes of me. Anyway, I was rewinding the tape when I checked to see how far I had rewound, when what should have interrupted Captain Planet, but Cartoon Network's tribute to Bill Hanna, complete with what appeared to be a self caricature of the man himself! Oh, joy! I hit freeze-frame and put pen to paper.

Maybe we'd all be better off if I hadn't...


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