Jedi Springer
Filmed during the Winter of 2002 in just over one hour, this low-budget Star Wars spoof is adapted from a short cartoon (of the same title) that I drew when The Phantom Menace was the latest craze back in 1999. Take a bunch of characters from Star Wars and plonk them into the most infamous American daytime talk-show on television, give them a topic for discussion, - "Who is Luke Skywalker's biological father?" - crank up the ludicrosity and let the 10 minutes of whacky mayhem commence!
Jedi Springer is divided into three section by two whacky adbreaks, one of which is also online (plus its sountrack, in MP3 format). Note that "the girl" in Adbreak#1, Susannah Donovan, also stars as Queen Amidala in Jedi Springer.
In the cartoon, the show was hosted by Jerry Springer himself, but almost two years later I was in the University of Canterbury Musical Society's production of Chess along with Ivan McIsaac [also in How Le Grinch Stole ENSOC], a chap with a remarkable resemblance to Episode One's Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson). Later in 2001, I decided to make the cartoon into a short film, in which he immediately agreed to star as Qui-Gon Jinn. Since most of my friends were busy with *scoff* tests *pffft* and *snort* assignments *pshaw*, I also contacted people from both MuSoc and KAOS - the university's "goth society" - to recruit actors, but on the day there were a few people missing (including the actor for Luke Skywalker, who actually looked a lot like Mark Hamil) but we managed to round up a few others and it all just fell together. I was pleasantly surprised with KAOS's goldmine of "hidden talent".
Look at the clock in the background behind QGJ. It can be observed to cover a period of about 40 minutes from when we first see it, to halfway through the third scene. The whole filming actually took about an hour or so.
This online version differs slightly from the film, because I've altered it to be closer to the original cartoon - and because a few lines were fluffed or just badly written!

Here it is, in comic book form - Jedi Springer: May The Farce be with y'all!